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REMODELING: Basements & Custom Projects

Basement Remodel

If you have a basement and you want to do something to add more active living space to your home, refinishing your basement could be the answer. We want you to have the best experience possible as any renovation can be stressful. We want you to have the perfect extra space to your home. Whether it is an exercise room, game room, or a den area, we want to make sure your basement is healthy and well structured. We have the experience and skills to turn any unfinished basement into an entertainment room.  We can install walls, drop ceilings, plumbing, flooring, and run new electrical lines.

Custom Projects/Carpentry

Sometimes you just want your home to have a little something special. We at Integrity Contracting and Remodeling can help give your home that extra punch to make it look fantastic. We build custom book cases, custom shelving, tables, and more. we will use our skills in fine carpentry to take your interior home to the next level. Similarly, for the outside of your home, we can build custom benches, boxes, tables, fencing, any special type of carpentry needed, we can do.